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Thermasmooth Silken Press (Humidity Blues)


Curly Hair is beautiful, great for the summer. With conditioner and a wide tooth comb wash and go styles are quick and easy. My client came to me complaining of the challenges of straightening it in the summer months and keeping it frizz free. And that’s when I introduced her to Thermasmooth Silken Press!


Yes, yes, curly hair girls, there is is a remedy! The Mizani Thermasmooth Silken Press is here for you!

The other option to straightening curly¬†hair is a Keratin Straightening Treatment. But this is not that. It’s better.


Thermasmooth Silken Press Clients’ Testimonies

  • It’s really light on my hair while keeping it shiny. (one of the things she asked about before I got started)

  • This means that even if the humidity is high, my hair will still be manageable and tamed. Going to the gym means that I can workout and not worry about my hair frizzing out into fuzz ball. All I have to do is blow dry and the product activates and the silky feeling is back which ables me to flat iron my hair and restore its bounce.

  • Although my hair is colored, my hair doesn’t feel dry and brittle using Thermasmooth Smooth Guard.

  • Thermasmooth Smoothing System solved my hair problems of summer blues.

Does this sound like something your summer hair would need? Book ONLINE with us today!

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